Long Range Rifle Team

World Champion

The sharp eyed would notice that I may seem to be a couple of shooters short. I am reserving a couple of spots to be named after Nationals 2012 in Raton, in case I have people that are absolutely on fire this year, and would be good additions to the Team. Here you can read this https://shootingaim.com/how-to-shoot-with-a-red-dot-sight/

As with past Teams, this one will be used for the next 4 years for International Competitions of every description. These events include (but are not limited to) F-Class World Championships in Raton, 2013; The South African International Matches in Bloemfontein, 2013; The Stars & Stripes Challenge 2013, Creedmoor Cup, USA vs. Europe, and others.

Also, as with past Teams, The financial challenges (especially for the travel) will be considerable. I am *absolutely* committed to taking the very best Team I can field, regardless of finances. To this end, we have some outstanding sponsors who are helping take some of the burden off the individual. Many thanks to them for their support.

Berger Bullets
Nightforce Optics
Surgeon Rifles
Hodgdon Powder
Redding Reloading
And many others

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