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You always want to know about safety whether it is be smart gun safety or any other gun safety. If you’re looking to attend a gun safety training class, You might want to check the credentials of the instructor before you sign up. Becoming a firearms instructor is not that difficult and you definitely Don’t want to take a gun safety class from one of these guys. What the hell were these guys thinking? if you’re new to firearms, Or maybe you just want to brush off a little bit of the rust and you want to build a firm foundation of firearm knowledge, safety, and fundamentals, the beginner’s guide to firearms is the training course for you. And the best part is it’s taught by yours truly. So, you know, You’re getting a high quality level of training.

By completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate the eight firearm safety rules; How to clean and maintain your firearm; How to operate your pistol; demonstrate the core shooting fundamentals and a lot more. This training course includes over two hours of Instruction that you can watch as many times as you need to become proficient. Most firearm experts agree that if you want to become proficient in using your firearm, You have to train with it properly over a thousand times.

A thousand. Now, if you tried to hire me to go to the range with you a thousand times, You’re going to pay off my mortgage. So please do it. If you attended a just an in-person class, you’re going to be there and you may handle the gun – fifty times seventy times But you’re never going to get to a thousand. The beginner’s guide allows you to practice in the comfort of your home, Safely and properly and get to that thousand point so that you can safely and responsibly handle your gun.

Firearm safety rule number one, always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction. A safe direction is a place where if the firearm were to go off, a person would not be hit by the bullet. A safe direction in your home is an exterior wall. Most exterior walls and lease in Florida are made from concrete. So, even if your pistol discharged, the bullet would not penetrate a concrete wall. Why would you think an interior wall is not a safe direction? Because a bullet will zip through drywall like a hot knife through butter. Deputies say the shooting of a two year old girl in Apple Valley was an accident. The child was rushed to the hospital where she had surgery. She’s now in intensive care.

The shooting happened at an apartment on Viho Road late last night. Investigators say the girl’s father was downstairs at the time cleaning a gun when it accidentally went off. A bullet hit his daughter while she was in an upstairs bedroom. Neighbors say the family is lucky it wasn’t worse. They’re blessed. That should teach them a lesson. Never clean a gun when it’s loaded. A safe direction also means never pointing a firearm at yourself or others even if the firearm is unloaded. This is by far the most important gun safety rule but it’s also the most frequently broken by gun owners. If you’re at a gun range or target shooting in the woods, a safe direction is pointed at the target. If you get distracted or lose focus, you may end up like one of these people.

Now, see that’s what I was talking about. Losing control of where your firearm is pointed can happen extremely fast. When handling a firearm, you should be extremely focused on where the firearm is pointing at all times. If you memorize this firearm safety rule, you’re one step closer to becoming a safe and responsible firearm owner. If you’re new to firearms or maybe it’s been a while and you need to brush off a little rust, then this course is for you. You’ve probably noticed that the Internet can be confusing with lots of different viewpoints and tons of false information.

Firearm safety rule number two – always keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Movies and TV have made people believe that the natural place for your finger is on the trigger. They are very wrong. Your finger belongs on the frame of your firearm. The trigger is only a temporary position while firing. Let’s pretend that you’re home one night and you hear someone attempting to enter your home. You run into your bedroom, grab your gun and you take cover behind the bed with the gun pointed at the door. When do you put your finger on that trigger? Only when the attacker enters the room and you’re ready to shoot.

Not a moment sooner. Every time you pick up your firearm, make sure your finger is stuck to the slide. It will take you a little bit of time to get used to this but you must practice. Every time you pick up your firearm, look to see where your finger is resting. If it’s near the trigger, set the firearm down and try it again. If you can master this one rule, your chances of an accidental shooting will decrease significantly. If you’re new to firearms or maybe it’s been a while and you need to brush off a little rust, this course is for you. You’ve probably noticed that the internet is full of confusing information with lots of different viewpoints and a ton of false information.

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