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Welcome back to Optics Planet my name’s Matt and today we’re talking about the EO Tech EXPS 3-0 it’s a holographic red dot sight that you can go on your AR or any other application like a shotgun this specific model is the 68th MOA circle with the one MOA dot in the center, makes for a really fast acquisition site that you can also use for some ranging purposes.

once you get the MOA sub-tensions down it does have quite a few brightness settings so you can adjust it all the way from really intensely bright to really dim and it does have night-vision settings there is three buttons that basically control the whole unit you have your one which is the night vision toggle on and off and you have your up and down arrows you know it has an eight hour automatic shut off if you turn it on using the up arrow you have a four-hour automatic shutoff if you turn it on using the down arrow.

and when you push both buttons simultaneously it’s going to go ahead and deactivate the unit it does use a single cr123 battery which is mounted right here in the front transversely or across like that which helps save a little bit of space in terms of your rail mounting space so the EX PS series does have that nice QD lever feature which allows you to take it on and off without any tools.

so real simple QD lever with a push button that locks into place when it’s closed so it doesn’t accidentally come undone you just push the button in and it will go ahead and pop open and again these are your control settings right here where you have your night vision toggle on top and then the up and down arrows located right below it so as long as you’re putting it back on in the same spot it should hold your 0 otherwise your adjustments are over here on the side that you can go ahead and dial in your wind age and elevation and re-zero it if you have to once again this has been the EO Tech EXPS 3-0 my name’s Matt and thanks for watching Optics Planet if you wanna see more of our videos make sure you check out our link below.

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