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welcome to tactical riflemen we’re gonna do a quick video now on how to zero the iron sights on your rifle now this works with these a two carrying handles it’ll work with backup iron sights it’ll work with sights on aks but primarily we’re gonna focus on the iron sights that come on most of your standard AR rifles now step one decide hey are yougonna do a 25 meter target the standard military way that then gives you a zero for 300 meters or you’re going to use a 50 meter target which a lot of units prefer.

what we try to push which will give you a roughly a 200 meters zero I decide one of the other the pros or cons of both but whichever one you decide on using make sure that you’re using these appropriate zero target for that so number one just make sure you’re using the the law this small sight aperture on the rear side of that rifle you want the small one alright next you want to make sure that you’ve lowered that rear sight all the way down as far as it’ll go allright now if you’re doing a 300 meter zero 

you’ve got one of the older AR Slet’s say at a1 or a2 you want to come up just one click past the 300 mark on the rear sight that’s because that’s a one-minute angle up now if you have answer rifle with the removable carrying handle with the two knobs on the side that means you’ve got an 83 maybe a four rifle that is a finer thread those 1/2minute of angle clicks and you’re going to come up two clicks there’s also a Zright.

there you’ll see the Z on it alright next you want to do your behind the rifle you want to make sure you’ve got a good stable firing position now you’re set up you want to you don’t want that gun jumping around at all make sureyou support it on something good and solid sandbags work great we’ve got a rubber block here and as far as holding the gun you notice Keith there has his hand up underneath the forearm that’s how a lot of people zero we personally we kind of prefer what we call a sniper hold on the gun go to read sig sauer red dot sight reviews.

rotate out Keith there you go what this does is the gun is still supported up front but it’s allowing him to have more stable movement and adjustments on the rear of the gun by raising lowering this support hand there once that’s good you’re going to make sure guns loaded guns hot he’s stable he’s got a good natural point aim so when he closes his eyes opens his eyes up he’s looking clear through those sights looking through the rear sight in the front sight directly under the target

now he can’t be muscling it over natural point of aim it’s relaxed bodies where it needs to be also the most important thing everybody misses its good sight alignment this front sight needs to be directly in the middle of that rear sight aperture and the aka it’s the same as a pistol you would want front sight right in the middle of that blade on the rear sight it’s imperative that those sights are lined up as perfect as possible otherwise every time you move your head around on the stock you’ll be out you’ll be getting a different sight picture and you’re gonna have big groups downrange all right so he has good sight alignment the next step we’re gonna fire that nice three to five round shot group good fire three for me Keith guns back on safe all right now you notice.

he was n’t jerking that trigger good smooth trigger pull where’s that let’s go down and take a look at the target alright so we’ve come down we’re gonna take a look at Keith’s target shot groups not bad for 25 meters zero you’re looking for as hot group by the goal should be that about the size of a dime now 50 meters zero on the on the target you’re looking for a shot group about the size of a quarter so that’s not about it’s actually real good shot group all right so Keith’s got two bullets I like to circle them just so when we comeback if there are other holes I know which ones he shot the first time and then I mark where the center of the shot group is and I number it right this shot group number one he’s off to left of the target now these zeroing targets alright he is 9 to 12 he’s in the middle of it we’re gonna have him go left 10ten clicks and then because it’s three clicks for that wind age knob on thatrear sight and then for elevation.

we’re gonna actually adjust the front sight not the rear sight and he needs to move the point of impact up one block and they’re numbered on the side of the targets here they really are so we’re gonna move him up one that’s our first adjustment all right we’ll go close we now have the adjustments we need to make I actually write them down helps mes tick them in my head we’re gonna go back we’re gonna go make those adjustments on the gun all right so we’ve looked at our target we know what our adjustments need to be now we’ve come back up range and we’ve got to make those adjustments now we’ve got to raise and lower that’s strike of the bullet from what we where we hit on the target we don’t do that with the elevation knob on the rear sight that stays where it’s at all adjustments for moving the strike of the bullet on that target are done with the front sight now.


there’s a dozen different types of AR site tools out there this particular one is made by Troy defense it works okay and would you it was designed so you can just use the tip of a bullet set that bullet in there we know we need to move him so many clicks turn it clockwise and that’s going to raise the strike of the bullet up one block on those AR targets clockwise what it’s doing is it’s just threaded it.

what you’re doing is you’re lowering the front sight into into the front sight well here and what that does is then when you bring it back up on target it’s going to raise the gun if you need the lower point of impact you go counterclockwise gents it’s easy one click it’s going to move it one block on those targets all right so that gets us our elevation adjustment to make our wind age adjustment all we’re going to do is it’s three clicks on this knob per block on that target all right so we’ll go as many clicks as necessary all right he should be set now piece of  cake now repeat .

we’re going to shoot our next three round group will go down and take a look at it again all right let’s go check it out all right so we made our corrections to the rifle we had Keith send another shot group come back down and if you make your Corrections correctly you should be right in the middle of the target you might have to make fine correction shoot an extra shot group but you can see a shot group that big you can kind of tell Keith’s been to a couple of sniper schools and was behind a sniper rifle quite a while in Special Force but anyways good shot group we’re going to call this weapon zeroed.

I said we’re going to just keep repeating this process until we’ve moved that shot group onto the center of the target where you want it to hit each time you shoots three rounds you go down circle them so that you know those have already been shot make your measurements for your Corrections come back up make the adjustment and keep doing that until you’ve got that shot group right in the center of the target you’ll keep repeating that process then you’re set so remember once you’ve confirmed zero here.

you’re set you then got to go out and confirm it at distance all right so go out to the range take this 50meters zero go out and set out that 200 meter target and bang away and confirm that zero make sure you’re dead-on and then you’ll be all set gents that’s how you zero iron sights if you have any comments or questions leave them below.

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