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Hi, I’m Chappy with Forge Tactical forthe Beretta training series.

I’d like to take a minute to talk about red dotsights on pistols – what we’re talking about when we’re talking about a redsight on a pistol is putting a red dot optic, either milled orpressed or otherwise attached to the top of the pistol, and then zeroing it to thepistol at 25 yards – the holdup for the last ten years or so has been thetechnology of the red dot sights being able to endure the g-forces of therecoiling or cycling slide – the sudden stop when it gets to to the rear – There’ssome serious advantages to this in a defensive pistol.

First and foremost youeliminate the need to line up three objects in space: the target, the frontsight and the rear sight, and then focus on the front sight – you eliminate theneed to do that – some of the other advantages for having a red dot sight ona pistol are: you no longer need a secondary aiming system to use thepistol under night vision – both in my real job and in my teaching we do a lotof night vision work and being able to transition to my secondary weapon (mypistol) and bring it up in front of my eyes, pick up the dot through my nightvision and engage targets is very, very valuable. https://shootingaim.com/best-red-dot-sight-for-pistol-reviews/

The major, primary disadvantage of a red dot sight on a pistol up until recentlyhas been holsters – with the advent of the Raven concealment system – RDS cut ontheir holsters, the Safariland RDS Duty holster and the new Surefire Masterfireholster, all these holsters allow for a variety of different combinations of reddot sights on pistols the surefire requires a special light but it’s stilla 600 hundred lumen flashlight and it works perfectly fine I like this holstera lot I also use the Raven phantom holster with the RDS cut for this gun aswell – the technology of red dot sights and their durability is just too good tobe ignored anymore.

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