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Many people have found cheap used guns for sale online. Ism as happened in the other is murders there is a renewed discussion about guns in our country. Mary mateen known to the fbi legally purchased the two guns he used in the massacre and licensed here in florida. We found nearly two million firearm licenses are active in our state t. Lindsay combed through data from the bureau of alcohol tobacco and fivrms and uncovered a gun buying trend the staff spent the day analyze analyzing data from florida, analyzing data from florida, atf and what we found is gun manufacturing in america continues to spike. Including the production of semi automatic rifle that have been used in recent mass shootings. Ar 15 style rifle often the weapon of choice in recent mass shootings in america. Fbi confirmed a version of it was used by the night club terrorist in orlando. Before sunday attack there was san bernardino, california, san bernardino, california, colorado movie theater massacre and newtown, connecticut.

Similar semi-automatic style weapons were once banned from being manufactured in the u.s. Former president clint on signed that bill back in 1994. At this time expired in 2004. A we combed through the data from the atf and found firearm manufacturing has since exploded in america. That year 2004 3 million new firearms were made including pistols, revolvers, rifles and shot guns. By 2013 10 million. That’s increase of 250 percent in 10 years. Going down further to just rifles in 2004 1.3 million rifles are manufactured. By 2013 3.9 million new rifles were made that year alone. That’s a 200 percent increase. Atf did not provide data past 2013 and also did not brick down the type of rifles. So we do not know exactly how many ar 15 are being made and sold. What is more, ar 15s are semi-automatic weapon which means they do not have to be registered with the federal government. Few state though do require that. Florida and georgia do not fully automatic weapon like machine guns do have to be registered. And the i-team found in the atf data more than 33 thousands of them are here in florida and we are second nationally only behind texas. Georgia has 28,000 machine guns registered.

Now all these numbers aside, now all these numbers aside, gun right supporters say guns aren’t the problem. People are the problem and they are making the decision to kil are making the decision to kill. Always a device i have issue and one that no doubt the presidential candidates will continue to address between now and november. In the studio, lindsay gardene in the studio, lindsay gardener, channel 4, the local station breakdown on our web site how many gun licenses have been issued both here in florida and georgia. You can also get a look at why jacksonville had the largest number of gun seizure than any other city in the state.

California penal code section 26500 makes it a crime it’s a misdemeanor ┬áto sell, lease or transfer firearms without a license. Now, this law applies to hand guns, shotguns, revolvers, pistols. It does not apply to BB guns, pellet guns, and unloaded antique guns. There are some states where private parties are allowed to sell guns out of their home or a newspaper ad or on Craigslist without doing a background check. But that’s not the case in California. According to California law, the sale of firearms, even it it occurs between private parties, must go through a licensed dealer. Under penal code section 26500,unlicensed sale of firearms is a misdemeanor. If you’re convicted you could face probation, fines, and up to six months in county jail. But perhaps worst of all is it would give you a criminal record. And the fact is that prospective employers in doing background checks, don’t like to see firearms convictions.

It makes them nervous, it makes them wonder, why does this person have firearms? Would they be a danger in the workplace? It’s easy to pass over those job applicants. So, to the extent that you’re charged with this crime, you want to do everything that you can to keep it off of your record. That’s where we come in. And the good news is we’ve had a lot of success in defending people who are charged with this. Many time it is seen that the police used entrapment or other kind of illegal methods to gather their evidence. Sometimes we find that our client really didn’t realize that what they were doing was illegal, and they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong. Sometimes we find that our client falls into one of the exceptions, so that a license is not required.

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