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Palmetto State Armory AK PSAK-47 GF3

Are you searching for online gun smithing courses. Let’s talk about this new gun. Now we all know Palmetto State Armory. They’re known for affordable and made in American guns and parts. A while back, they jumped over into the AK-47 market, and with the early models there was some things that worked, but also some things that needed to be tweaked. Now fast forward to today and we have the GF3. It’s the third generation from PSA and by all accounts it looks like they got it right. Now I’ve got for you a full review. I’m going to show you my experience. We’ll do the specs and we’ll get it out to the range. But I want you comrades to know right up front that this is my first deep dive into the AK world. The Milsurp and the AKpurist are going to say that the only option to get Aks is from the old communist block countries. I totally get that. But a lot of folks, like me prefer to buy American made firearms when we can, but they’re also AK curious. I certainly am.

So Palmetto State Armory has stepped into the market. Now up first, are the specs. The PSA AK-47 newest generation is the GF3. Overall it is 10 plums long and it of course fires a 762 by 39 round, and features a stamped steel receiver. The barrel is 4150 with a one in 9.5 inch twist. Now most importantly, and this is where the GF3 shines, on the new generation, instead of cast parts, the rifle has a forged trunnion, a forged bolt and a forged carrier. Now a lot of folks were excited about this, when PSA switched over to forging their own trunnions. Yeah, it really is a big deal. Now on first look what stands out the most is the Magpul furniture. It has a Magpul MOE hand guard and a MOE grip for more grip, and it’s got the Zhukov style folding stock that is adjustable.

They put the Magpul MOE name with the Zhukov name and they’re calling it the MOE kov rifle. Now at this point, Milsurp guy is going to say actually it’s pronounced Zhukov. Well Vladimir, this is America and I’m going to be calling it the MOEkov. All of the furniture is polymer. I’ve got the plum color. It’s okay. But you can also get the classic wood finish, as well as other styles and other colors of polymer. Lots of different options. The folding stock is fantastic. It’s adjustable and it’s clicks firmly into place both open and closed. But when folded you can still operate the rifle. Well I think that for me was really, really cool to see. And I also enjoyed transporting the rifle when it was folded. I thought it made a difference in transport. Now I know cosmetics don’t really matter, but right out of the box, I think it looks fantastic. What it comes with is the big PSA padded box.

Y’all got lots of those in your garage like I do. Also some stickers and some paperwork, and one 30 round PMAG. The nitride finish on mine was smooth and had a even coverage, so for me that was pretty cool to see. Now it has a scope rail on the side. That’s a great feature. I added the Midwest Industries scope mount. It locked right on easy peasy. Now I’ll put a link down in the description so you can check out that scope mount for yourself. Upfront is the classic style AK Slant Brake, and the sides are typical steel. Post in the front and an 800 yard adjustable steel sight in the back. Okay let’s talk about the price. Affordability is what PSA is known for. They do almost everything in house, which is a huge savings for me and you. The price can vary and PSA has a lot of sales, but right now you can find the GF3 somewhere in the 575 to 600 dollar range. But the challenge here is can you find them? They do get snatched up quickly when they do become available so keep that in mind. The rifle, at least mine is, rock solid. It works. It runs great. Maybe without exaggeration, it’s one of the most reliable rifles that I’ve ever experienced, at least in the first25 boxes of ammunition. Still got a long way to go.

I want to get up into the thousands of rounds but we’ll see. The trigger is okay. It’s about four pounds. It’s got a little bit of take-up, and it hits a clear wall, and I do like the positive reset you can feel it and hear it clearly. Accuracy-wise it was more than fine for me. Now I didn’t go out past 50yards for this initial test but boy I shot it well. The pic you’re seeing here is with iron sights. Overall, I shot it in the two MOA range, but to be fair, I know that I can’t do that at a real distance with my old eyesight. But Aks are not exactly known for their accuracy. Operating the GF3, it’s smooth. The bolt and the action feels really good to me, and the selector switch is easy to locate and to operate. So, at the range for me, it was really easy to use. The worst, and this is to be expected on the AK platform I use a heavy cheek weld and I get a lot of feedback into my face with this rifle, but that’s to be expected with an AK.

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