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Yo what is going on guys it is your boy Yoge here and today guys I’ll be showing you game play of the first time of unseeing a reticle in Call of Duty World War 2 now I don’t know if you guys have seen this game play or not but so far every game play that has probably been uploaded to YouTube has not had a reticle in it and everybody was you know not everybody. Know all about the best shooting gear by visiting our site.

but in a part of a comment section somewhere I saw people discussing about it so I was like you know what let me make a video on it all I’m gonna do is show you guys the game play you guys can tell me what you think about in the comments down below it looks kind of weird that’s mainly because the game play is blurry so far but yeah give me your best opinion on it.

how do you think it looks you know just tell me I feel about it I’m gonna give you guys my opinions right now it kind of looks I don’t know it looks weird I can’t really give you guys my honest judgment but it looks like a normal Ridicule is just not read anyway guys if you guys want to stay up to date with called the world war 2 to make sure I subscribe and leave a like.

oh yeah I talked enough let’s roll this intro thank you for striking run Corgi targets targets descending protect the drop zone drop the fucking car strike hot many-fold enemy recall their crop in the air all its weight for the context of the desert you can fit it in its fully actually better cook instead as rumor and you can hurt amigos back again a key turning under the console spoon soul mother losses through the walls of the prove everybody wrong stop to call the cops– where you see it because coming out all the time.

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this thing has thousands of hours of battery life you don’t to think about replacing batteries at all.

so I will recommend you to look at Primary Arms look at this new advanced red dot scope will be the greatest addition to your rifle or carbine.

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