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Hi, this is Chase from Optics Planet and today I’ve got the Leather wood / Hi-Lux M-30 Tacticle Red Dot Sight.

Now this is a one power, thirty millimeter red dot sight perfect on AR’s like you see here, shotguns,.

22’s, your squirrel guns it’s perfect for that application.

This model has a three to five MOA dot which is perfect for quick target acquisition, I can throw this up here and because of the dot size, I clearly see it and it draws my attention to the target so 3-5 MOA dot, quick target acquition.

I measured optical center on this model to be about one inch so on a model without a front sight post like you see here it’s fine, but if you have an AR with a front sight post, you want to be ideally at about 1.

5 inches to optical center so you’re going to need a quarter to a half inch riser on this model.

Some of the features CR2032 battery, it’s on top of the brightness dial here, there’s eleven brightness settings which is perfect for the various ambient lighting conditions that you might be shooting in, the brighter the condition you’re going to need a brighter dot.

One MOA elevation and wind age adjustment underneath the two caps here it’s got front and rear lens covers, they’re also transparent which is perfect, you know, you’re walking around you have them down and you get a target of opportunity, you don’t have to fumble around trying to get these things flipped up, you can shoulder it and take your shot, and they’re also removable some people like to take them off because they can be bulky and reduce field of view somewhat so that’s also a nice feature.

On the other side here, you’ve got two mounting screws, on an AR you can just finger tight is good enough, if you’re going to put them on some kind of shotgun put a little bit more torque on them you know get the torque wrench out, 25inch/pounds, 30 inch/pounds will probably be okay.

Overall, this is a great site perfect on AR’s, shotguns,.

22’sit’s perfect for turkey hunting, on your squirrel gun, overall it’s a great red dot sight.

Again, it’s the M-30 tactical red dot sight by Leatherwood,you can get this bad boy at OpticsPlanet.

Com this is Chase, thanks for watching.

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