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Rules of Gun Safety

Everyone wants to know about gun safety for beginners. What we’re doing is using this as an educational tool for people who are both new and experienced with owning buying and operating firearms. We’ll be covering how to clear firearm malfunctions, comparing different calibers for concealed carry, how to properly clean a handgun, and many other topics for both new and experienced shooters. Today we’re going into the four rules of gun safety. Rule number one:  You should treat every firearm as if it’s loaded. The reason that we do this is so that we learn to maintain a healthy level respect for the firearm no matter what situation we’re in. Imagine you’re at a range and somebody hands you a loaded weapon. Imagine the way your going to set it down, the way you’re going to hold it the way you’re going to holster it. That’s how we want to treat these weapons at all times so that we keep ourselves and others safe. Rule number two: never point a firearm at anything you’re not willing to destroy. A firearm’s meant to destroy – not injure, not even warn.

You need to go through training and practice, and whatever is on the other side of your barrel you’re willing to destroy. If you put your firearm at someone else, not only are they now in danger, but you’re also now perceived as a threat, and with a firearm this quickly escalates the situation, so you need to know through practice and training that if you put your firearm at someone, you’re ready to use it. One thing that we do see a lot with beginners, is that when handling a firearm, they may not be paying as close of attention as they should, they might accidentally be pointing it at people; whether they’re talking with friends, or maybe at the range. This is what we call flagging, so it’s something that we really want to watch out for, and really pay close attention to, to keep themselves and other people out of danger.

Rule number three: always be sure of your target and what’s beyond it. Not only do we want to know what we’re shooting at, but we also want to know what we could possibly hit. So if you engage with the target inside a building, you need to know what’s beyond certain walls. If you’re engaged in a concealed carry self-defense situation with the target, you need to know whether or not there’s an innocent bystander beyond them. You need to be aware of the entire situation and what you could possibly hit before ever discharging your firearm.

This rule applies that you should have regular practice with whatever firearm you planning on using. Not only do you want to learn the effective range of your weapon, we also want to know the effective range of yourself that we can be sure you target and your accuracy. Rule number four: keep your finger off the trigger until you’re on target and ready to fire. This is a huge safety step towards preventing misfires. In fact large majority of misfires occur because somebody had their finger on the trigger before they were ready to fire. To wrap it all up respect your firearm and the power that comes with it. Remember that you need to make responsible decisions, because when you pull that trigger, there’s no going back.

Safety is always the 1 priority, whether you’re at the range, whether you’re out hunting.  So why don’t we go through the basic universal firearm safety rules. Keep all of our fingers off of the trigger any time we’re not pointed at a target and ready to shoot, okay it guards the trigger here at the base and around the side there. Always point them uzzle in a safe direction. Know what our target is, the surroundings behind the target, and if we’re not sure, we don’t shoot. There are so many sporting, hunting, competition activities that are challenging and fun, and i think that women are seeing it.

They’re seeing it on the internet, social media, on reality shows, and especially when they see other women doing it, i think they get curious, and they’re like, “well, why can’t i do that?” and so it entices them to try it. Well, when you purchase a firearm, safety becomes and should remain your #1 priority. For maybe someone that owns a gun, what would you say is the benefit for that owner? For women nowadays, i would say they are apart of a growing demographic of people, women, who’ve stepped outside of the box, outside of their comfort zone, they’re learning a great skill that allows them to participate in a variety of fun activities while simultaneously allowing them to protect themselves should that need ever arise.

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